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My Philosophy

I strive to create golf courses that stand out in the mind of players that play them. 

I think that golf should be exiting, challenging and fun. Therefore I like to design the holes in such a way that they force the players to think and thereby develop their game. 



"Golf Courses That Stand Out In The Mind Of The Players" 

I take great pride in creating golf courses where players of all abilities will want to try different shots and where they feel tempted to try new shots. I like to aspire to their imagination and let them discover new aspects of their own game as well as that of the golf course.


I always base the design on the given site and the site then helps me create a golf course which looks natural in its environment. Utilising a site to its full potential with a minimal amount of resources results in the best possible product for everyone involved with the project; the players get the most exciting and attractive golf course, the environmental impact is kept to a minimum, the owner gets the most value for his money, and the architect has a great challenge.



On all projects there are three parties that have to work well together to create a great project; the client/owner, the architect and the contractor.

I take great personal pride in listening to and understanding the client, their needs and wishes. This often leads to spending a lot of time together and indeed some of the clients have become very good personal friends of mine.


Working with contractors I try to convey the thoughts behind the design and spend a lot of time in the initial phases of construction ensuring that they understand the design and the reasoning behind it. Often the contractors have brilliant ideas that can enhance the course and I am only too happy to listen.



To help improve the beautiful game of golf by creating and refining exciting, challenging and spectacular golf courses


To develop golf courses with a clear and unique signature - a signature that enables the clubs to attract more players

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